No Ordinary People

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There was this older man who handed out evangelical tracts. These were small note card sized papers with bible verses and a short message about the good news of Jesus. One day, he stood at a bus stop and handed these out to people exiting the bus. A young lady took the paper and walked a few steps before reading what she had in her hand.

She turned back, walked back to the man, spit in his face and walked away with the crumpled piece of paper.

She was an atheist.

The older man handing out tracts seemed ordinary. I mean, what’s so special about handing out pieces of paper? He wasn’t on a stage delivering a sermon or addressing a crowd of important people. He was just standing somewhere and handing out tracts.

Ordinary, right?

The thing is, we don’t serve an ordinary God. There’s not a thing about him that’s ordinary. Ever look up into the night sky and see ordinary stars? Did the Hubble telescope take pictures of ordinary galaxies? Ever see ordinary Iceland? Hawaii? Sunsets at the beach or sunrise in the desert? Waterfalls in Alaska? Ordinary tropical fish in tropical lagoons? Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, or the Grand Canyon?

How about Jesus? Ordinary former carpenter just milling about between villages. Eating in people’s homes and talking about the true things of God. Maybe healing some leprosy, giving blind people the ability to see. Giving strength to a man’s legs so he could walk. Bringing dead people back to life. A smattering of commanding oration in the synagogue. Casting out a few demons. Ordinary?

Some of us go about our ministries or simply helping people and we may think it’s all ordinary. Some of us sit, stand, kneel, or drive the car while whispering ordinary prayers. Some of us hand out tracts without fanfare at a bus stop.

The young woman who spit in the man’s face walked home and went about her day.  At some point she found the tract crumpled up in her pocket or purse. Didn’t I throw this away? For some reason, she sat and read the garbage in her hand. And for some reason, God revealed himself to her there.

The young woman began going to church to find wrong answers, but she never found them. She found the love of God instead. After time, God put it on her heart to evangelize and she became responsible for spreading the gospel to thousands of people. All because an ordinary man did his ordinary task of handing out an ordinary piece of paper.

Nothing we do for God is ordinary. The older man handing out tracts never got to see what happened to the young woman (yet).  And we may never see what happens after our “ordinary” prayers go up to our extraordinary God.

But I promise you this, there are no ordinary people in the kingdom of God.

Remember this, everything we do for God that matches his character of love, grace, compassion, and mercy, comes out irrefutably extraordinary.

Care to share what (extra)ordinary thing do you do for God?





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