Gabbing with God

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As I’m writing this, I’m in a coffee shop sipping a delicious Americano. At other tables are people, friends, family, and clients sitting together with their favorite beverages. They’re chatting about life. Struggles, hurts, exciting news, joys, new passions. Life. Most of us want to connect with others and we want to share who we are and what’s going on with our lives. There’s something in our DNA, our soul, and our hearts which drives us to connect with others. Most of us want to be known. Valued. Heard. And most of us don’t want to do life alone. For the most part, we know how to connect with other people. But how about connecting with God?

I received the following message from a special person in my life and I asked if I could share. Here’s what they wrote:

“I have been reading your blog and I love it! Your subjects touched me and things I have been thinking about. Thank you. I am one of those people that feel guilty about asking God for the little things. I love God and would love to have conversations, not just feel like I’m always asking for help. So how do I do this?

This is a great question isn’t it? How do we have a normal conversation with an omnipotent, omnipresent, invisible, all-powerful creator? Are there some rules and regulations? A process of paperwork? Do I have to be in a church or have a pastor, rabbi or priest present during the conversation? Should I be on my knees or my hands clasped together?

In a word, no. And we can find the answers we need straight out of the bible. One verse that springs to my mind is the same I shared in this Post, which is:

“Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear me call and open the door, I’ll come right in and sit down to supper with you.”-Jesus (Rev. 3:20)

Let’s set this verse on the floor and unpack it. This verse tells us the nature of God and Jesus. He’s intimate. He wants to share a meal with us. He wants to sit down with us, both corporately and individually. He’s the kind of person who is politely knocking on the door of our lives. He wants to connect. He wants the same kind of experience as sharing a coffee together. Sitting at the table with us and talking about life. The struggles. The hurts. The rejection. The failed attempts. The joys. The exciting news. The new passions and new ideas. Those of us with children can understand this concept. We want to hear what our kids are up to, right? We want to listen and connect the same way.

As a side note, notice something important missing from that verse. He’s not interested in our church attendance or bible memorization. He’s just interested in us. So where ever we are in our lives, Jesus is always knocking.

So how do we do this? How do we have a simple, everyday conversation with God?

Well, quite simply, just do! The thing with God is He’s available 24/7 with no bad connections. And what’s the language like? Any special phrases to start things off? Do we have to sound like we’re living in King James day with Thee’s, Thou’s and Yea’s? Nope. How about you use your own voice. Use your own vocabulary whether you’re a double doctorate or grade school playground material.

Be yourself. Be honest. Just like you would sitting across from someone at the coffee shop. If you’re upset, then be upset. If you’re mad at God for some reason, go ahead and let Him know. He can take it. If you’re super happy and thankful, He likes those too. You can talk to Him while driving the car (don’t close your eyes!), cleaning the house (like Brother Lawrence in his book), or sitting on the couch. I’ve heard so many examples of prayers from normal, everyday people. Most of them had never been in a church before and what they say is so simple. And it works!

He wants to hear from you! Any time of the day or night. Use your words, not other peoples! Sit down with a coffee or tea and start gabbing!


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