Humbled in Worship


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I have an hour drive from work to home and I wanted to listen to some worship music. I chose This is Our Godfrom Hillsong United. I’ve listened to this live worship tons of times, but as I paid attention to the lyrics, something grabbed my attention as the miles passed. Something significant happened deep in my soul.

I was humbled.

I got the same feeling when lightning strikes the mountains or waves crashed at the beach. Tremendous power witnessed by someone significantly lesser. My knowledge, training, or strength looked so ridiculous in light of true power. I was in awe of someone greater than me and I captured by the beautiful grace I surrendered to.

I used to believe God needed to hear how wonderful He is (this was in my teen years, my silly, silly teen years) and demanded people to worship Him. I thought church attendees must worship Him or be left out of whatever good things He had for them. But I had it wrong (of course!) and it would take a few years for me to figure this out.

Worship is created for us to recognize we need Him, not the other way around. God doesn’t need us to worship Him. He has no insecurities like we do and He’s not on a power trip. Worship benefits us, as His creation. We get to worship!

When we’re in this mindset of humbling ourselves before our creator, we get the benefit. We get to see the mess that we are, the perfection that He is and His amazing love for us regardless! Look at the words of this famous song by Chris Tomlin:

You see the depths of my heart

And You love me the same

You are amazing God!

See how freeing that expression is? I didn’t do any work, Jesus did. I didn’t strive to make up for my wrongs, Jesus did. I didn’t have to reach out to a God I never knew, Jesus did.  And this is why, when we come together in church or driving home from work, we can listen to the words in worship and just….be.

He did all so I can know Him.

That’s humbling.

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