Is God too busy for me?

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I was in a home bible study one night when someone asked, “Yeah, but isn’t God too busy to hear my prayers about the little stuff?” This stuck with me and made me wonder if I was sharing all my requests with God. Some people may feel God is taking prayer orders for just the big, important things like Aunt Maggie’s rheumatoid arthritis or little Jimmy’s grades in school. After all, He is The God, creator of the stars in the night, volcanoes, thunderstorms and breathtaking waterfalls. When we flip through the bible, there are healings and miracles and prophecies being fulfilled left and right. All of them big and important, because He’s big and important and maybe he isn’t too interested in the little things.

Is God too busy and important to listen to the simple things in our lives?

In a word, no.

I mean, it’s totally understandable to figure a Big, Important God has a lot on his plate. There’s a few billion people who tug on His ear with requests: marital problems, single issues, health concerns, financial woes and other things.  With all these big prayer requests coming into Heaven like a snowstorm, why would God be interested in the simple, humdrum, little things we ask?

One of the issues with thinking He’s too busy for us is we’re placing God in the human category. We create this god who can juggle only a few things at a time. Isn’t this what a parent would say to us when we’re little? “Not now! I’m too busy for that!” Let’s picture us standing in line at a department store, returning the shirt we were hoping would fit us, but you know, tacos are delicious right?  There’s only one salesclerk and she’s busy tapping at her keyboard with everyone’s request. One salesclerk per customer and you look at your watch again.

Prayer’s a bit different. Imagine the same scenario, except when you walk into the department store for returns, no one is in line and the salesclerk is waiting for you. You look around and notice other customers are being helped by a salesclerk just like yours. No one has to wait! This is what it’s like when hundreds of millions of people go to God with their prayer request at the same time. He is never busy, always attentive and wants you to ask Him whatever it is on your heart. Small, simple things included. Nothing is too big or small for God to take care of. I remember an older saint saying, “Every time I go Christmas shopping, I ask the Lord for a spot close to the door. And every time, there it is! An open parking right next to the door!”

Sharing the small things with God helps build intimacy in the relationship. Can you imagine going to your significant other or best friend just for big, important things? What kind of relationship is that? “Oh thanks for helping me out with that late bill! Talk to you next time!” Does this sound like some of us (raises hand)?

Take a look at this bible verse: “For your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!”-Matthew 6:8

There’s an exclamation point at the end of His sentence. It’s not there because He’s yelling angrily. He’s excited! Jesus is actually saying, “Look, go talk to Him! He can’t for you to ask Him! What are you waiting for?!”

I’m certain our needs include peace from intense stress as well as a parking spot close to the entrance of the department store. Let’s not keep the small stuff from God, we’re not bothering Him!

-What simple or small thing would you love God to take care of right now?

-Why do you think God is interested in the little things of your life?

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