This is Where I Move Forward

I remember walking around in a music instrument store with my daughter. She had asked to window shop for guitars. The prices weren’t too bad, but I was worried about investing a few hundred dollars for someone and have the guitar sitting in the corner of her bedroom. Because this is exactly what happened with me.

At one point, I wanted to learn to play and found one for about $100. I monkeyed around with it and discovered this was going to be more work than I thought (Apparently I should have done some more thinking, but that’s probably for another post) and moved the six-string to a corner where it collected dust and forgone dreams.

So I was hesitant about getting one, which costs a few hundred more than my own (daughters have a way of finding the expensive things, don’t they?). My wife and I agreed to give it to her for her birthday.

When she began playing, she wasn’t great. I mean her fingers were going on the strings, but then there’s the strumming and picking and rhythm to think about. But, after a few months of playing, the notes and chords were sounding good.

A year had passed and she leads worship at our church. She sings with a voice that didn’t come from her parents and she plays fantastic! I jokingly told my wife our daughter can’t move out, because we need her singing songs for us.

So there’s a dad and a daughter interested in the same thing. Why were there different results?

Goals– My daughter had been interested in worship since she was a little girl. She wanted to be on the worship team. The goal she had in mind became her fuel to overcome fear. See my daughter is much more comfortable being at home than she is on a stage in front of people. Yet, this barrier became a façade because she had a goal in mind. This is where we stop looking at our feet and progress.

Patience-When she started playing for the first time, there were a few missteps. This is where I got off the bus. I knew in my head, this was going to take time. She knew it would take time to sound better, but she was patient about it. This is where we forgive ourselves for being a novice.

Practice-None of us are born with talent. Van Gogh wasn’t churning out amazing paintings when he was three. Michael Jordan wasn’t wowing the crowds when he was in the 5thgrade. Everything take lots of practice. My daughter would practice twice a day (which was on her own, we never forced her into the room and made her practice), every day. She still does. This is where our errors are ironed out.

This is how we get from one place to another in our lives. Every single one of us have fears of failure, fear of perfection, fear of inadequacy and others which bog us down and keep us from achievements.

black and white music guitar acoustic guitar
Photo by Stephen Niemeier on

What if instead of sitting with the familiar fears we’re used to, we set a goal, were patient and we practice what we want to achieve? Wouldn’t this be amazing?

Either we see these dreams of ours realized and enjoyed or they sit in the corner collecting dust.

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