Simple and Difficult

Let me share something that sounds silly. Imagine getting in your car and starting it up. The engine is going, you put on some good music and set the air conditioner (or heater, depending on your current weather) to something nice.

And then you wait.

You have places to go, people to visit and goals to accomplish. But, sitting there, you wonder why you’re not moving. Your soul and/or subconscious wills you to do something about it. Something needs to change. But somehow playing with the radio and thermostat makes you feel cozy. Safe. After all, it can be dangerous driving around there, right?

Most of us have goals and things we want to complete in our lives. Some of us will pray and wait for God to show us which path to take on our journey. And yet, most of us don’t go anywhere. We wait. For what?

God doesn’t steer a parked car.

We are the only ones who can achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Those books I want to write? Is anyone else going to write them for me? How about some of you who want a bachelor’s degree? “Oh, here’s that degree you were asking about, congratulations!” Of course not! We have to research our goals and actually move in that direction. If you want God’s help with something, start moving! God wants to direct your path, the caveat being, you have to be walking on the path to begin with! None of our goals will ever see the light of day unless we start moving!

Do you know how long it took to create my own website? About an hour and half, really. But I had been thinking and planning and dreaming about it for literally years! How embarrassing. But it was all me. Whether it was fear of failing or laziness, I had to get out the rut and just do it.

And I did…


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